Railflicks: Norfolk Southern Heritage Fleet Vol. 2


Tom’s DVD of the Month Review July 2015

Title Norfolk Southern Heritage Fleet Vol. 2
Producer C. Vision Productions
Format DVD Wide Screen
Playing Time 2 hrs.
Purchased From Trainvideodepot.com
Date Purchased 6/1/15
Price Paid $27.95

In 2012, to commemorate their 30th anniversary, Norfolk Southern painted twenty new GE ES44AC and EMD SD70ACe locomotives in the colors of the predecessor railroads that became part of their system.  Ten of these units were shown in Volume 1 and this video shows the ten units that were not shown in Volume 1.  It is presented in wide screen format and the videography is excellent.

First shown is the Heritage Unit that was the first one created in the series, the 8098 Conrail ES44AC unit.  The 8098 is shown as the lead unit on NS trains in Michigan, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, and Virginia.

Next up is the 8103, an ES44AC painted in the blue and yellow colors of the Norfolk & Western.  The first looks at this locomotive were at locations in Illinois that are outside of the NS System.  We see the 8103 beginning its pull in a yard at Butler, WI, just after a crew change.  Finally, we see the 8103 in Virginia and Tennessee.  The 8103 is lashed-up with a Pennsylvania RR Heritage Unit in one of the scenes in Virginia.

This brings us to the bright red Lehigh Valley ES44AC number 8104.  We see the 8104 in several Indiana locations and finally in New Jersey.

We next see the Erie RR Heritage Unit 1068, an EMD SD70ACe.  This locomotive is dark green with a light green band down the middle bordered in gold.   We see this unit leading a unit steel coil train in Michigan and then we see it in Georgia and Tennessee.  We get a nice close-up view of 1068 pulling out of a siding at Apison, TN.  Our last look at the Erie RR Heritage Unit 1068 is from Virginia.

Up next is the Central of New Jersey 1071, an SD70ACe.  The colors are blue and orange.  We are given a couple interesting facts about the CNJ’s history:  they were the first American RR to require that their employees wear uniforms and one of their locomotives set a world speed record in 1892 of 105 MPH.  The 1071 is shone in scenes from Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Minnesota, and Michigan.

We move on to the ES44AC Central of Georgia Heritage Unit 8101.  We see the 8101 crossing the Mississippi River at Little Falls, MN, pulling a unit oil train of empty cars to the Bakken Oil Fields in North Dakota.  After several locations in MN, we then move on to Chicago, IL.

We are next presented with ES44AC 8102, a Pennsylvania RR Heritage Unit.  This locomotive is shown in scenes from Indiana, South Carolina, Alabama, Virginia, Georgia, and Pennsylvania.

The Heritage Unit commemorating the Illinois Terminal RR is the next one we see in the video.  This is an EMD SD70ACe, number 1072, with is bright green paint job with yellow trim.  We see this locomotive in action in Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio.  In the Indiana and Ohio scenes the 1072 is lashed-up with the Conrail Heritage Unit 8098.

Up next is the Penn Central Heritage Unit 1073, an SD70ACe.  The 1073 is shown teamed up with the Illinois Terminal 1072 and operating as foreign power on BNSF trackage in Chicago on a unit crude oil train.  This pair of locomotives is also seen in Minnesota and Wisconsin pulling unit crude oil trains.  We see the 1073 doing some street running in Warsaw, IN, and then the last scenes with this locomotive were shot back in Illinois on a unit crude oil train with the NYC Heritage Unit at the rear of the train serving as a dpu.

This served as a good lead-in for our final Heritage Unit, the SD70ACe 1066 New York Central Heritage Unit.  We are shown this unit in scenes from various locations in Indiana and then we see it leading unit crude oil trains in Illinois and Minnesota.

We are shown some vintage F7 A and B units as a bonus at the end of this video.

This is a very enjoyable video and it should be in your collection.  The wide screen format, high quality image, good narration, and interesting subject matter make this video a “keeper.”

July 2015 The Spill with Bill

Where has the time gone? I would guess it goes fast when you are having fun. It seems like we were at the Christmas Party in Madisonville just last month. Talking about the Christmas Party it is already time to talk about that is our next meeting. We need to talk about where and when to hold the party this year. Last year we were close to Christmas and some members could not attend, I would like to suggest the first week of December this year. Then we have to decide where to hold the party, at a restaurant or a member’s home. We can talk about this in the July meeting.

Other business that needs to be covered is liability insurance for the chapter membership. It looks like if we decide to purchase coverage it will cost the chapter about two hundred fifty dollars per year. This might be a small price to pay for peace of mind. The other business is NRHS member numbers. Ricky is working on this and as soon as the national convention is over we hope to get a list of numbers and membership numbers from NRHS. All our members have received a membership card for this year from NRHS; on that card is your number. If you bring the card to the next meeting, you can give the member number to Wally or Ricky. Once we have the membership numbers we can start printing membership cards.

In the June meeting we talked about covering the walls of the depot with train art. If you look around at the walls of our meeting room they are bare. Ricky made contact with someone from the city and we have permission to hang picture related to railroading on the walls. If you have a nice picture (framed) which we can hang, on loan, bring it to the next meeting. At the present time we have pictures from Betty Knight, James Kemp, and Bill Farrell. Remember all the pictures, will be on loan to our chapter and you can take yours home as desired. Betty Knight has agreed to be our curator and she will select the location for the pictures to hang. I will have stickers for the backs of the pictures denoting who the picture is on loan from. Blair Terry will bring the stickers and some pictures with him to the next meeting.

Steve Miller will run the July meeting in my absence. I will be out of the state for several days. Steve, as Vice President will conduct our business meeting and what ever needs to be done. Jim Pearson will have the program and Bill Thomas will bring the refreshments. Bill, do you hear me? You have the refreshments for July. LOL.

Bill Farrell, President
Western Kentucky Chapter/NRHS

The First Photo Contest of the West Kentucky NRHS

Saturday May 9, 2015 brought about the first photo contest of the West Kentucky NRHS. The only rules set forth by our judge, Jim Pearson, were that you have to be a member of the WKNHRS and that the photo had to be taken on May 9th, which also happened to be National Train Day, so there was a happy coincidence. At our May meeting the chapter decided that we will hold two of these contests a year and the next one will be in November 2015. Date has yet to be determined.

The winners were as follows: 1st – Jim Kemp. 2nd – there was a 2 way tie for 2nd between Rick Bivins and Matt Gentry. 3rd – Bill Grady. Honorable Mention belongs to Blair Terry. Click on each photo to see the full picture.

Other entries were:

The Spill with President Bill for June 2015

im Pearson watches a train go by the Hopkinsville Depot during the May meeting on May 18. - Jennifer Brown; Kentucky New Era

im Pearson watches a train go by the Hopkinsville Depot during the May meeting on May 18. – Jennifer Brown; Kentucky New Era

The May meeting in Hopkinsville went well and I hope all the members who attended had a good time. Our meeting was attended by Jennifer Brown one of the writers for the Kentucky New Era. Jennifer enjoyed the cookout and then covered the meeting and program by Wallace Henderson. I have some copies of the article from the newspaper for you to look at in our next meeting.

Wallace Henderson did a great job with the May program. Maybe some day in the fall we can make a road trip to the site in Nashville and have Wallace point out the highlights of the accident. Mrs. Brown seemed to be very impressed with the program. Thank you Wallace, you did an excellent job with your presentation.

Under new business in the May meeting I said I would have a rough copy of our proposed club membership card. This is something we can print out at home on any printer. I will give the membership an explanation on how it will work at this month’s meeting.

Jim Pearson did an excellent job chairing our first photo contest. We had a total of six entries and it was suggested that the club sponsor another contest this fall, when the leaves are turning colors. I think it would be a good idea if we take the pictures from the photo contest and print a, “2016 Western Kentucky Chapter” calendar. We can discuss the calendar in more detail as we get closer to October.

As a northbound train rolls north through Hopkinsville, Thomas Bryan observes outside the former L&N Depot. -Jennifer Brown; Kentucky New Era

As a northbound train rolls north through Hopkinsville, Thomas Bryan observes outside the former L&N Depot. –Jennifer Brown; Kentucky New Era

If any chapter members are in the Parkway Plaza Mall in the future, stop by the white display cases across from Godfathers Pizza and look at our display. The mall has allowed us to use another case for display. We have the artifacts from Archeology Saturday on display in the second case along with pictures taken on the day of the event. The mall arranged it so both cases are side by side so it makes it easier on the eye.

Ricky Bivins has obtained a copy of our National Bylaws for review by the membership. The officers had a meeting on June 4th to discuss upcoming events and the bylaws. Wally had a copy of our chapter bylaws at the meeting for review. We decided to do a survey of the membership after National concludes their meeting in June. We may want to set up a committee in the future, for review of both National and local bylaws. We will cross that bridge when we come to it.

The June meeting will have refreshments by Steve Miller and the program will be presented by Blair Terry. We will also have a representative from an insurance company to tell us about needed liability insurance to cover the officers and chapter members. Hope to see you at the June 15th meeting and most important bring a prospect for membership.

Bill Farrell

Illinois Terminal Heritage Unit 1072 by Jim Pearson

06.02.15 Illinois Terminal Heritage Unit leaves SYTRAN Dock 4, Mt. Vernon, IN

June 2, 2015 – Thanks to a heads up post by fellow railfan and great photographer Tom Barrows of Evansville, IN, I was able to catch my second Norfolk Southern Heritage Unit today! – Jim Pearson

When I arrived at the overlook to the Sitran Coal Dock and Abengoa ethanol plant at West Franklin, IN, the weather was overcast and it looked like it was going to be fairly bad, but the sun finally came out just as the train was leaving with Illinois Terminal Heritage Unit 1072 in the lead.

The Illinois Terminal railroad along with many others was bought up by Norfork Southern years ago and NS has repainted about 20 of their engines in the paint schemes of many of those roads.


BNSF #6750 leads its stack train west towards Los Angeles through Fullerton CA as Santa Fe 3751 simmers in the background as it awaits permission to back out onto main #1 to head back towards Los Angeles after being on display at Fullerton Railroad Days. – Matt Gentry